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We don't just want to make a difference.

We believe in maximising the support that employers receive within the recruitment, learning and development industry, challenging the norm to positively impact the futures of their people and business.


ecognito is a single source for low cost recruitment, funded training and development, offering access to skills funding, complementary elearning, work-based qualifications and local talent.

ecognito can support your business to eliminate your employers national insurance contributions for any individual that is between the ages of 16-24, if they are enrolled onto a funded qualification.

We want to ensure that employers maximise the value they receive from their investment in their people.

With over 20 years supporting businesses with people development, our experience has led us to developing this unique solution as we believe that employers and their people should be able to access a better service and receive additional support. We help employers to reduce their recruitment costs and prepare them for the changes in the learning and development world, whilst helping them to develop a longer term strategy to develop and retain the key talent that is critical to the success of their business.


Attract. Engage. Develop. Retain.

ecognito delivers an integrated solution that combines effective components that work together to support your business to maximise its effectiveness in attracting, engaging, developing and retaining their people.

ecognito reduces your financial risk, with limited fees only applicable if value is created.

We will support you to attract experienced, quality personnel as well as young talent through Apprenticeships for all your vacancies across your business.

Our low cost recruitment model was born out of a need to create for our clients, a cost effective offering to recruit and attract talented people as the traditional routes were either a costly process or didn’t really seem to attract the right people.  We have successfully extended our low cost recruitment solution to help our clients attract good people for all of their live vacancies.

We can introduce you to work-ready, experienced candidates for all roles across your business for a contribution of just 9% of an individuals annual salary payable if they are successful in achieving employment, managing all advertising and screening on your behalf with no up front fees.

If you are looking for young apprentices, then we can offer you an Apprentice recruitment solution at no cost and provide a funded training and career development journey to help them grow with your business.

funded training

If you are looking to up-skill your staff in all areas of your business, the ecognito solution can help you to secure skills funding for your people of all ages to progress their career within your company.

Our established partnerships with the UK’s leading training providers allows us to match your business to the most beneficial funded training solution.

From sales and customer services, management and team leading, to IT and digital, warehousing through to floristry, we will support you to access fully funded training programmes to support your business to invest in your people and deliver a career progression and learning and development initiative.


All ecognito employers receive a complementary elearning system which enables you to white label and up load all of your internal training programmes and induction materials. It also includes work based learning units for your people to gather evidence towards their funded qualifications.


 An integrated solution in one portal 


Upload all vacancies across your business and we will find candidates to match your role.


Receive quality candidates to your portal for you to consider for your vacancies.

Funded training

Enter your requirements to secure skills funding for all people in your business on any qualification.


Transform your internal training/induction into interactive resources/modules using a custom course designer.

Learning Tracker

Track the progress of each person in your team who complete the courses you create.

Career Development

Create personal learning accounts for your people to take control of their own development.


Maximise your ROI from your people investment

We are welcoming like-minded employers to become part this unique solution which is positively changing the dynamics of how they attract, develop and retain their workforce.

  • One source for all your recruitment, learning and development needs
  • Reduce or eliminate typical recruitment costs
  • Become exempt from paying employers national insurance contributions for staff aged 16-24
  • Develop your people through funded qualifications and training
  • Drive consistency and quality
  • Retain your talent by offering a career development and progression journey
  • Transform your training materials into an interactive format and allow people to take control of their own personal development
  • Prepare your business for the introduction of the 2017 government levy.

Funded QualificationsFunded Qualifications

Funded training opportunities for your people

Our established partnerships with the UK’s leading training providers allows us to match your business to the most beneficial funded training solution.

The list to the right provides the funded qualifications that are available to you. However if there is a qualification that is not listed, ecognito can help you to source a training partner that will provided a funded solution for your people.

If you would like to request further details on the qualifications and the learning elements that they cover, please contact our team here.

funded qualifications

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